Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 6: 1 Samuel 11-12

Today we continue in our 28 Day reading challenge with 1 Samuel 11-12. Everyone is really contributing some great thoughts. Continue reading and letting God speak to you through them. Try to find ways of how these texts can apply to your life today.

Chapter 11:
* I love that fact that the messengers go to find Saul after the threat by King Nahash, they find him plowing the field (vs. 5). This is the king! What is he doing plowing the field? At this point, Saul is still very humble and continues to work hard. Too often in leadership there are people who lose sight of humble service. I believe that leaders should always be willing to do the hard tasks when needed. I also understand that there are times when the king or other leaders will be occupied with other tasks, but this verse really stood out to me. I want to be sure that I always stay humble in my leadership and always stay willing to do the small tasks needed.

* I found it neat that after they won the battle against the Ammonites they reaffirm Saul's kingship (vs. 14). It was almost like a sign of approval. I thought that was interesting.

Chapter 12:
* Only a couple of things rose to the surface for me as I read this chapter. I found myself smiling because Samuel is basically preaching a sermon. He opens with a review of their history of sin and God's rescue, brings it to their current situation by reminding them of their sin of asking for a king, and then he warns them not to turn away from God any more or them and their king will be destroyed. That is straight up textbook preaching right there lol. I did find it interesting that Samuel continuously brings up their sin of asking for a king after just reaffirming Saul as king in the previous chapter. I kept feeling like I wanted to tell Samuel to get over it.

What stood out to you? What things can you take-away from these passages for your own life?


  1. Eric I too found it interesting that Saul the king was plowing the field...nothing like a leader though that will get dirty amongst the people...

    Take away: I kind of felt that
    Samuel was giving this one last speech thing..kind of like as Eric said he's not over it completely...but I also...felt it was kind of like a "sit down shut up" type of speech...saying that though you all may forget I won't forget...b/c I have chosen to follow God...

    The thing I liked the most about Ch.12 though was at the end aside from the people continually sinning essentially Samuel says that we will continue to pray for them and teach God's message....how many of us will continue when we know that it might be a lost cause among the people that are around us?

  2. Samuel call to the whole nation to gather at Gilgal.
    This was a special place.
    Look back at where Gilgal came from.
    "This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you. Wherefore the name of the place is called Gilgal unto this day." - Joshua 5:9
    Samuel was reminding them that it was the time to "renew the kingdom". They had come out of bondage and now they needed to come out of the bondage of their on going sin of disobeying God.
    The city was a place to "roll away the sin"
    Samuel reminds them of their sins and then warns them of future sinning. And I like the part where he says "you have committed all this evil, yet do not turn aside from following the Lord, But serve the Lord with all your heart"
    An old fashion "stepping on the toes" preaching.
    For the church today, the lesson could be, " though you have have sinned and will most likely will sin again" get to the place of renewal and let God roll away your sin. Then proceed on serving Him!!!!
    Lesson to learn....We all need to find our spiritual Gilgal. A place of renewal.

  3. I really appreciate Saul plowing the field, but I would much rather him be protecting his people who are hours away from having their eyeballs gouged out. I certainly want a leader willing to do the dirty work, but I don't want one that is off tending his garden while the enemy is playing ping pong with my eyes!

    Chapter 12 reaffirms in my mind that God is still not happy with the whole King thing. He has just been smacked in the face and He is not willing to let them forget it. It seems like HE knows trouble is lurking, but they made the choice and He reminds them of their choice. IT almost seems like, "When Saul stops listening to me and starts calling Sylvia Brown for advice, don't come whining to me."

    Now, I know God doesn't turn His back on His children, but He does allow us to choose dumb stuff, if that is our thing. Reminds me to carefully and wisely make choices today. Hearing from Him is key to making the right choices. Eliminating the noises will certainly help. Who do you think had more noise, Samuel or Saul? Who walked closet to God? It's not as complicated as we make it.

  4. Really good thoughts everyone.

    Josh, I too love the fact that Samuel tells them he will continue to pray for them and teach God's message. It was like he was saying that he is not giving up on them or abandoning them despite their wayward actions

    James, the place of renewal is absolutely right...we all need that.

    Chad, you had me cracking up about the Ammonites playing ping-pong with Israel's eyes...good stuff. You point about God still being upset with them is a reminder that our God is a jealous God.