Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Evening Reflections

What a great day! We had a phenomenal crowd yesterday. We had every chair out and there were people still sitting in the bleachers. We kicked off the new series: Re-Elect Jesus. I look forward to really challenging our paradigm on our dependence on government over God in our culture and society. There are needs we expect the government to meet that are really the church's job to meet.

We spoke specifically about the fallout's that occur when we begin to compartmentalize our lives into the "spiritual life" and the "real world." We make God a segment of our life rather than the center of our life. This produces two things: 1. We divide the secular and spiritual. We start living as if every decision, conversation, and choice were absent of spiritual implications. 2. We become practical atheist. A practical atheist is someone who claims to believe in God, but lives as if he doesn't exist.

The question that was posed for everyone to reflect on as we closed was: Where is God in your life? Are you shutting Him out, is He a segment of it, or is He at the center?

I look forward to the next three weeks of this series, then we start Providence!

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