Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Exciting Times

We are in some exciting times right now at The Journey Church. We are down to our last week as a church that meets in one location. As of February 8th (next Sunday) we will be a multi-site church. This is something we had envisioned from the day we opened three years ago, and now it is here. We went last night as a small group and put out close to 1000 door-knockers in neighborhoods surrounding Providence. The Campus Pastor of Providence, Shawn Allen, took a team out earlier in the day and distributed around 1000 as well. We still have 3000 more door-knockers we are going to distribute over the next several days. We are praying for people to be at the previews that God wants there. We believe if people know about what we do and experience it for themselves, we are going to have the opportunity to minister to a lot of people. We are 12 days from preview #1, please be in prayer that God would fill the building with the people He wants there and pray that we would continue to be diligent in our work of ministering to those who have needs.

Reminder: we finish our Re-Elect Jesus series this Sunday. You don't want to miss this last sermon of the series. If you have missed previous installments of the series, click here to watch any on video that you may have missed. Don't forget that this Sunday is the last day the service at West will be at 9:30am, we go back to 9am beginning February 8th.

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