Friday, January 16, 2009

Important Providence Campus Dates

Hello all, I hope everyone has had a great week. I have some important dates to relay to everyone in regards to movements happening surrounding the Providence Campus.

* January 19th - 6pm @ Rutland Elementary there will be a community wide informational meeting to share about the new campus. There were adds that ran in the paper concerning this meeting and we hope many people from the church and outside the church will come.

* January 27th and 28th during the day there will be teams of people distributing door-knockers throughout the Providence neighborhoods concerning the Preview Services. **WE NEED WILLING PEOPLE TO HELP OR SUGGEST OTHER DAYS THEY COULD HELP DO THIS

* February 2nd - 5:30pm @ Rutland Elementary there is a Math Night for the school in which THEY NEED 10 VOLUNTEERS TO HELP (this can be a good chance to do some last minute inviting to the Previews, in addition to showing an attitude to serve)

* February 8th, 15th, and 22nd - 10:30am are the three Preview Service dates. This will be a chance for people to get a sneak-peak of what the Journey Church is all about and experience our community of faith

* March 1st - 10:30am is the Grand Opening of the Providence Campus. From this point on, we will have weekly services that will align with our West Campus. Both campuses will be identical services, children's ministry, and group structure

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