Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spiritual Formation...In the Marriage

Most Christians have a focus and desire to grow spiritually. Everyone will grow at a different pace, but to some degree, most Christians want to be closer to God and grow as believers. One of the major things I see developing in Christianity is a very individualistic approach to faith. We have our eyes set on our own spiritual development. We have "my" relationship with Jesus. In the ancient days, being a Christian was a very communal thing. Your faith was lived out openly with others. Your growth as a believer was spawned on and shared by others. The major problem that has developed from individualistic faith is that we don't know how to have a relationship with God with our spouse.

When the Scriptures talk about the two people becoming one in the marriage relationship, I believe this includes our relationships with Jesus. We are to be growing as a couple in our relationship with God. How do we do this? Why are we so uncomfortable with this? I have listed five questions that serve as a litmus test to your relationship with God as a couple. See how you do:

1. Do you pray together daily?
2. Do you pray and ask God for guidance and then wait for an answer in regards to major decisions as a family/couple?
3. Do you read the Bible together regularly?
4. Do you share regular conversations about the things that God is teaching you in your walk with Him?
5. Do you confess sin to one another and pray for each other through those things?

We can think we are mature Christians, but we may be baby Christians in our walk with God as a couple. See how you shape up on these questions. Commit to begin the process of spiritual formation and growth as a couple. I believe it holds the key to a more vibrant marriage and a more fruitful walk with Christ.

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