Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This Weekend @ The Journey

We will be finishing the DNA series this weekend at The Journey. The objective for Sunday will be to discuss in depth about what sharing our faith looks like. The "churchy" word for this: EVANGELISM.

How many of you when talking about yourself would say, "I'm an evangelist." The reality is, most of us would not, but maybe we should. We are ALL called to be propagators of the gospel message of Jesus. How we do that and why we do that is something in which we will discuss on Sunday?

Things to ponder:

* without someone caring enough about you and your salvation to tell you, you may not have the hope you have today

* without people who feel responsible to share the message of Jesus through words and actions, how will the world know about God's redemptive plan?

* what will you do about "the call" to make disciples?

All this and more will be discussed on Sunday, don't miss it.

Questions for reflection: when is the last time you shared your faith with someone? Have any of your actions (good/bad) shared your faith for you?

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  1. Hey, just left a comment on your Starbucks Boycott post. I have been very busy since before the fair with so much, and now moving!! I feel very out of it!!