Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Reflections

I can't believe the DNA series has come and gone already. It was a six week series and it seemed to fly by. We had a lot of new guests who came for this series and several shared with me how much they enjoyed hearing a different angle on those things that should define our lives and our faith. If you missed any of the weeks and want to catch up, go to our website @

We had a great day today. The music was incredible and brought us to a place of worship. I thought the 'Signs' song and video was genius...Joey Lockovich came up with that idea. There were many giggles and smiling faces as everyone read the different church signs. The challenge for us is to not let church signs do the work that is reserved for us as individuals to share our faith with the people around us. I want to give props to Robbie and the praise band for gutting it out when the lights were messing up in the first service and when the entire PA system shut down at the end of the second service. We believed there would be spiritual attack today and we were not mistaken. However, God won the day. It was an amazing moment when the whole church lifted their voices and the band came and stood on the stage risers and locked arms. That was a special moment and one I won't forget.

The time is rapidly approaching when we will be meeting in multiple locations. Be thinking of friends to invite to get the word out. It is going to be an awesome ride.

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