Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Attack of the Killer Bird

This morning I met with Shawn Allen, our Hartsville campus pastor. We were having coffee while sitting outside on the patio at Panera Bread. Out of nowhere, a bird comes soaring between us and smacks into the glass and onto our table. It landed facing me and I panicked, thinking it was going to come flying at me. It was breathing heavy and was twitching around. I went to pick it up with a napkin, but it kept moving and I kept dropping it. At this point, Shawn and I are dying laughing. The six guys inside the restaurant doing a bible study our also in hysterics as they watch the event unfold. I eventually quit trying to pick it up and instead, covered it with a napkin and we moved tables.

About 30 minutes later, one of the workers came out to clean our table we had left. We told her to beware of the dead bird under the napkin. She went to peek underneath the napkin to see the bird and it flew away. That bird had basically knocked itself unconscious. We were once again laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. All the guys inside were laughing again. It was quite an eventful morning.

Moral of the story...I don't know, help me pick one: once you fall, get back up...never let running into a glass window keep you down...don't attempt to throw a bird away that is only unconscious...be careful eating outside at Panera?

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  1. According to Genesis, the birds were created before man was. Doesn't it stand to reason that they will be resurrected before man will? Maybe you your bird experience was the first real sign of the 2nd coming and only the birds are in the loop! That's just me thinking, though! :)