Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Reflections was very fun! We had a great day in our services and many people talked about how meaningful it was for them. Couple of thoughts about the day:

* It was fun talking about the Scriptures today and I hope that something was said that can be helpful for everyone as you journey to grow in this area

* Worship was electric today...I could go on an entire rant about that

* Titans won a close a game...just thought I'd throw that one in there

* I can't wait until we launch these new campuses and get a chance to reach people in these areas

* I had a friend from Divinity School there today and he said he really enjoyed was cool seeing him there

* I'm just grateful for all the people who serve on Sunday mornings to make what we do happen...never forget the eternal impact that you are making on people's lives

I'm heading to bed. I'm tired, but grateful for what God is doing in our midst. The Journey is a fun place to be.

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