Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Reflections

I just want to start by saying that I love being a part of The Journey Church. This church and her mission is so much bigger than any one person, including me, and it excites me to see all that God is doing. This is not a church that will be great for all people, but it is definitely a church that will be great for a lot of people. God is stirring some amazing things right now and bringing a lot of leaders our way. Are best days are ahead of us, but some amazing days are happening now.

Some things worth getting excited about:

1. We have some huge renovations coming to the Children's Areas at each campus that will help us take that ministry to the next level.

2. We are excited about the progression of the Hartsville Campus. This campus will start having previews early 2010 and will launch Easter 2010. More details coming soon.

3. A team of people have been meeting together and praying for several months now concerning God's direction for us for local, regional, and global missions. All I will say is this: we have some absolute amazing opportunities ahead of us that everyone is going to be pumped about!!

4. I'm excited about this new series and the ground we are going to cover, but we have some very neat things coming in the weeks and months ahead at The Journey. I will give more details soon, but I'll say this: we are going to be a church, unlike most churches, in which our people will be biblically and theologically equipped to deal with a cynical and skeptical world.

5. We have baby dedications and baptisms this coming Friday night for our Praise and Worship Night. This will be an awesome night. It never gets old celebrating changed lives!!

Thank you Journey Church for all you do and your commitment to the mission. God is doing some amazing things in our church and will continue to do so as we are obedient to Him. I'm honored to be a part of it.


  1. I am pumped up for what God is doing in and through The Journey Church! Yesterday was great and cant wait to see where else God is going to lead this great work!

  2. My step-mother is Jewish, and my father grew up Jehovah's Witness. They are here from Michigan, and were with me at Church yesterday, and felt so comfortable. They were completely moved by the message, and complimented on what a wonderful experience it was for them. They also stated that they feel the strength of what God is doing in our Church is amazing. I just want to give you Kudos, Erik, for opening your life up to us each weekend- we all learn and grow together from your life experiences, and in turn, it leads us to open up our lives to others.

  3. Ryan, I'm pumped dude that you guys are getting plugged in.

    Molly, Thank you so much for the encouraging words. It is so cool to see all that God is doing in your life and family. There are so many great days ahead of us and I truly believe God's plans for you in that process far exceed your imagination. BIG PLANS!! I'm honored to serve with you.