Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday's Four Silly Questions

We missed last week's 4 Silly Questions so we have some ground to make up today. Like always, pick one of the two possible answers for the questions. You can even give some explanation to your answer if you're ashamed and feel the need to explain yourself.

4 Questions with a Bonus Question:

1. Morning Beverage: Coffee or Soda?

2. Navigation: Main Roads or Back Roads?

3. Vacations: Beach or Other (Mountains, Cities, Etc.)?

4. Favorite Shows: Reality T.V. or Other (Sitcoms, Drama, Etc.)?

**Bonus Question - Sleep Habits: Night Owl or Morning Person?

I'm interested in hearing your answers. Here are mine:

1. Coffee 2. Back Roads 3. Beach 4. Other (LOST, The Office) Bonus: Morning Person


  1. 1. Morning Beverage: Coffee

    2. Navigation: Back Roads?

    3. Vacations: Mountains with a beach?

    4. Favorite Shows: Other (Lost)?

    **Bonus Question - Sleep Habits: b/c of job requirements...morning person..but really I'm an in between..person

  2. 1. Morning beverage: coffee
    2. Navigation: Back roads
    3. Vacations,mountains or beach?:
    it depends on time of year.
    (mountains for the fall)
    4. Fav. shows: CSI's,Mentalist and
    The Office for comic relief.
    Bonus Q: Morning person!

  3. 1. Coffee definitely

    2. Back Roads

    3. Tough one to decide. I'm gonna say mountains.

    4. Sitcoms, dramas

    5. MORNINGS!

  4. katreed26@hotmail.comOctober 14, 2009 at 11:46 AM

    soda, main roads, beach, reality tv, night owl

  5. 1.) Coffee

    2.) Navigation: Back Roads

    3.) Mountains

    4.) NCSI

    5.) Sleep Habits: Morning

  6. 1. Morning beverage: coffee without morning sickness water with it!
    2. Navigation: Back roads
    3. Vacations,mountains or beach?:
    Beach always
    4. Fav. shows: Criminal Minds, Mercy, Law and Order (all of them), The Office, How I met your mother
    Bonus Q: I used to be a morning person but now not so much like mid afternoons

  7. Anyone notice how my wife's (Katrina) was completely opposite of mine except for the beach? We always have the beach baby! :-)

  8. Erik, I didn't notice that Katrina's was opposite yours, but as I read it I realized it is definitely all the way opposite mine.
    Coffee for the first few hours, then switch to soda.
    Back roads around town, but main highways for long distance.
    Mountains with a lake/beach are best, but I'm not a huge fan of the ocean
    Love Survivor, but otherwise I prefer dramas
    I've been a morning person since birth!

  9. Soda
    main roads
    Morning Person

  10. Coffee, back roads, beach, other, not a morning person until after the coffee ha ha

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  12. 1. Coffee

    2. Main Roads

    3. Beach

    4. Reality T.V.