Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vamos a España.

Vamos a España. You better get use to learning what those words mean and more because we are going to be a Spanish speaking church! Why? Because, vamos a España! We are going to Spain! That's right. After months of praying and meeting, our missions coalition team has pinpointed Spain as the Journey's global mission focus. There are many exciting things to share about how this particular country made it on our radar, but God is in it in big ways!

You will be learning more details soon about the exciting opportunities we are going to have in the days ahead. To give you some backdrop to our global missions strategy. We want to be a church that invests over a long period of time in an area, not just short-term, in and out trips. We want to be married to an area. In this way, we can plant churches, partner with existing churches, send missionaries, send teams from the church, and have a long-lasting impact in that area. There will be many more details to come in the days ahead, but there are some exciting times in our future.

One of things we are going to be offering soon are Spanish courses online via Rosetta Stone. Throughout the year(s) we will be providing opportunities for people to lean to speak the language of the area we feel God has called us to invest in. I hope you are excited, we feel The Journey can have a huge impact in this area of the world that is the second largest Western European country, yet is increasingly more and more unchurched. The gospel would radically change this area, we feel we can do something about it.


  1. I see a lot of opportunities coming forth.

    I'd like to brush up on my Spanish skills too!

  2. I'm totally pumped about this! Learning Spanish has been a personal goal for a while. I would be happy to do it alongside fellow Journeymen.

  3. If you guys want to know more than Spanish then connect with Larry McCrary and Earnest Goodman. Both of these men served in Barcelona and Madrid and are the co-founders of The Upstream Collective. My church, Matthew's Table is a member of the collective and this network has been indispensable in helping us develop our international missiology. Also, if you guys ever want to discuss developing an missional/incarnational missiology, sending a new type of missionary, returning the responsibility of sending to the local church, and encouraging creative platforms for entry into culture, give any of us a shout.

  4. Michael,

    We are definitely parternering with Upstream.We have already had some conversations with Larry and he already has some ideas and churches for us to link with in Spain.

    We are excited!