Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday's Four Silly Questions

Keeping with our Wednesday tradition, we will have our 4 silly questions. I've got to be honest with you, I'm loving seeing everyone's responses. We have a lot of similar people, but different one's also. Remember, your answers are your preferences as a whole, maybe not necessarily what you have currently have.

1. Coke products or Pepsi products? (you can only pick one!)

2. Cable or Satellite?

3. Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics?

4. Automobiles: Foreign or Domestic?

My answers: Coke products, Satellite, Winter Olympics, Foreign (even though I drive a Jeep)


  1. 1. Coke products or Pepsi products? (you can only pick one!) - Coke: b/c they have Dr. Pepper

    2. Cable or Satellite? - currently satellite

    3. Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics? - summer

    4. Automobiles: Foreign or Domestic? - foreign

  2. Pepsi, Cable, Winter, and Foreign

  3. 1.Coke




  4. For those who put Winter Olympics, what is your favorite Winter Game? I would have to say my favorites are the one where they ski off that big ramp and float in the air forever...I know that's not the technical name. I also like the short track racing. And of course the hockey.

  5. Pepsi (Dr. Pepper is independent so if you go to Kentucky or Missippippi its a Pepsi product)

    Satellite (customer service actually is nice)

    Winter (Has to be the speed skating or bobsled)

    Domestic (i prefer the engine and the electronics to work long term)

  6. Coke, cable, winter (I like the ice skating), foreign

  7. Coke, cable, winter (ice skating), foreign

  8. 1. Coke in particular, Mello Yello
    2. Satellite but only one: DIRECTV
    3. Summer Olympics... come on people, swimming and the 'Dream Team' are awesome!
    4. Domestic even though a Foreign company pays my bills!!!!

  9. 1. Coke! - Pepsi stinks.

    2. Satellite - how do I love thee...

    3. Summer for sure! - swimming, diving, all things water

    4. Foreign - all the cars I've had are foreign, but I'm not strongly attached to either side. Guy question. :)

  10. @ Ryan W
    Coke has officially listed DR. Pepper as their product on their I guess it's no longer independent?

    I thought the same thing..but just found out that coke owns it...

  11. 1. Pepsi (Wild Cherry Pepsi is the best!)
    2. Satellite
    3. Winter
    4. Foreign (I really like Nissan)

  12. 1. Pepsi products

    2. Satellite


    4.Keep it in the USA Domestic