Monday, September 14, 2009

Sex Series Ends

It was an incredible weekend. The last four have been. The Sex series is a series that I believe will mark a time in history of our church that changed us. I believe we have grown spiritually in a major way during this series. We tackled issues that most churches would blush at bringing up. Why did we do this? Was it to stir a buzz around town? No. Was it to see how controversial it could get? No. I'm learning more and more these days that there are churches who desire to link with other churches, even churches different than them, and there are churches that like to criticize every church that is not their church. We did this series for one reason: to talk about an issue that dominates our culture, yet doesn't get much representation from God's perspective. For the most part, we have a lot of ignorant Christians walking around on the subject of sex. The statistics we talked about spoke of how Christians and non-Christians are having sex before marriage, outside of their marriage, and even same-gendered sex. I believe the reason this is happening is because churches turn their faces away from this subject and the culture through the media, television, magazines, and movies educate us and define us for sexuality. 

I believe we are a church that can now stand and give an account to others as to why God's desire is for them to honor Him sexually, in addition to other areas. To ignore sex is to ignore something central to who we are as people. Discipleship is supposed to be holistic, which means we don't pick and choose what we want, it means we are supposed to teach the full counsel of God (Acts 20). I hope that you have been challenged by these messages and that you will share them with others you know. We need to redeem this act that was created by God and teach the world how God intended for it to be practiced. 

What things will you walk away with from this series? What lesson(s) stood out the most to you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. For me, the series brought Biblical truths into conflict with cultural mores. It allows those who struggled with their view points to find basis for God's views through the Scriptures and to find that grace is applied in these "Don't does" because God's visions for His people are so much more greater than the world's view of sex. Great teaching! Now it is time for all of God's people to apply the teachings.