Thursday, September 24, 2009

Believing vs Caring

In my small group on Tuesday night we had a great discussion around a central question. The question that was asked was this: What methods/strategies do we deploy as churches/Christians to help people understand that their need for significance, purpose, and meaning in life is only found in a life committed to Jesus?

This question led to discussion that eventually brought us to a revelation. People are often sold on what they should believe. Churches and Christians fight hard to convince people of what things they should believe. The problem is that many people believe things that they don't care about. You can have a belief in something that you don't care about; however, it is impossible to care about something that you don't believe in

Instead of trying to convince people to believe the right things, we need to work at helping people care about the right things. Christians believe its important to share their faith, but most don't. Why is the case? Because they ultimately don't care about it. Many people believe its wrong for people to suffer injustices, but most people don't care enough to take action. People might believe that living their life obeying God is the best things to do, but most don't care enough to actually live it out. In other words, we have to find ways as churches and Christians to help people care about the right things. That will be the only time that they will act on their beliefs. 

I would love your feedback: What are things in your own life that you would say you believe in them, but you don't care about them? What are ways the church/Christians can help people care about the right things?


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  2. I'll share something that God has been changing in my heart lately...
    That is the caring of sharing..

    What I mean about this is for the most part...I've probably been pretty selfish in my faith...I say I believe in God and the need for others to find Him...but to be honest really haven't cared if others found Him..

    Lately really been dealing with the fact that if I really believe who God is and says He is then why am I not sharing about Him! I should long for others to come to Him...b/c of what it means for their life.

    This video is a great example of the idea I'm talking about:

    just some thoughts

  3. Josh, I think you make a good point. If we really "believe" what we say we do, then why don't we tell others liberally?

    We don't care. As harsh as it sounds, it is the reality.

  4. Often people do believe, but are paralyzed by waiting for that right moment to express their care of the belief. Paralysis by Analysis is often the mode most work in.

    I myself have often experience that.

    Scriptural Thought: James 2:18 (The Message)

    "I can already hear one of you agreeing by saying, 'Sounds good. You take care of the faith department, I'll handle the works department.'

    Not so fast. You can no more show me your works apart from your faith than I can show you my faith apart from my works. Faith and works, works and faith, fit together hand in glove.

  5. I personally believe that if we are to truly care about others knowing Christ than we have to believe without a doubt the eternal consequences others face based on the their decision to accept or reject Jesus. Now this may sound very harsh, but the reality is that others are in danger of facing eternal torment beyond ours and their comprehension. Once we believe this, we begin to see others in a whole new light. I've recently been exposed to this eye opening reality. Now no matter what race, ethnicity, or circumstance another person comes from if I know that they have rejected or haven't yet accepted Christ, my heart breaks for them, and all hesitant feelings to share Jesus with them that many Christians are held back by leave me instantly. I simply share who the living god is and how much he loves them. If you knew that your friend was about to be hit by a bus wouldn't you try to get him out of the way even if he/she didn't believe a word you were saying, think about it! I think many Christians have forgotten or simply don't know that we are the seed planters not the all mighty grower. Our job is share Christ with others because god loves us and we love them and ultimately we need to get them out of the way of that eternal bus. Love God love others these words spoken by Jesus are ACTION words!!!

  6. Brandon, Nice words bro. I 100% agree.