Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Evening Reflections

It is the end of a great Sunday. I truly love getting to pastor this church and spending my life with all these wonderful people. 

Highlights of the day:

**Josh and Philip did an amazing job, once again, in leading the church in worship. We miss Robbie and we are grateful for all his leadership over the years. But it is wonderful to watch these two guys, as well as the whole band, step up to the plate and lead the church in worship. I can really tell they are settling in and growing more comfortable. 

**We also had communion following worship today, which is usually where we do the offering. I thought this worked well, and I especially enjoyed giving the kids who have made professions of faith an opportunity to share in that moment with us. 

**I felt the sermon went okay. I never leave church feeling like I've hit a grandslam. I'm always wondering if it connected with everyone. I'm always left praying God will take it and make it powerfully applicable to the issues people are facing. 

**The one thing I do pray is left in everyone's mind is the boasting box. I appreciate Frank Bishop and Chris Boykin being my participants this morning. I pray the image will always remain in our minds. We have no room for self-boasting. God's grace is a gift, along with the faith to apprehend it, that should leave us with only one boast - the cross of Christ. 

**We commissioned my good friend and fellow laborer, Todd Bates. Todd became an official elder at TJC today. He has patiently endured the process for several years, sharpening his character and skills. It was both an honor and a joy to share that moment at the end of service.

**We had Gospel Community tonight at my house. We had a great conversation around the dinner table about our personal relationship with God. We also talked about how the church can be more intentional in ministering to the hurting on Sundays. It was such an encouraging time. Everyone needs to be in community!! 

Important Reminders

**Don't forget about the new series starting in two weeks, Counter-Culture. Be sure to invite people to join you at church for this series. I would love to see us use Facebook and Twitter to promote this series. If you see the series logo be sure to share it with others. 

**The Student Ministry begins full board this Wednesday. They will begin meeting at my house. I'm really excited for this. If you have students 6th - 12th grade, we want them to be there. Refer others as well. See: for more info. 

**TJC Men are taking a retreat. Guys, you need to get signed up ASAP. It is going to be a great time together. The dates are September 6th-7th. Go to the Connection Point Table to sign up next Sunday. 

I love pastoring this church. I pray today was a great day for you. May God bless and guide each of you this week. 

Question: what was the highlight of the day for you at church?

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