Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Poof! It's Gone.

At some point every person will make the statement, "Life is short." It is true that life is short. What we usually mean by the statement is not necessarily the number of years someone has, but the fragile and very temporary nature of life itself. Life can end quickly, without warning. Life should be considered precious.

The Bible says in James 4:14, "yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes."

Our lives are like a mist, a vapor. It is here for a moment, then gone. Just like the morning dew that lingers for a short time, but soon evaporates, our lives are here today and gone tomorrow.

The curious thing about all of this, is that while many of us agree with such statements, we do not live like it. We do not live like we believe life is short. We do not live like we think life is fragile and precious. Sadly, many people take this one life they have been given, and they waste it

How do you waste your life? You live it for yourself. You live it for your comforts, your wants, your dreams, your safety, your entertainment, your popularity, your riches, your power, and on it goes. This is the wasted life. 

The Bible calls us to live for something different. Something greater. The unwasted life is the life lived for God and His glory. The unwasted life is about submitting to the Kingdom of God, dying to yourself, taking up your cross and following Christ. The American dream says "Make a name for yourself," while the Kingdom of God says, "Die to yourself and live for one name - Jesus." 

There could not be two more contrary philosophies of life. Yet many churches and Christians have somehow convinced themselves that living and pursuing the American Dream is pursuing the Kingdom of God. Oh how deceived are we!

If you don't want to waste your life, seek first the kingdom of God. Give your time and talents and resources to God's mission. Redeem your time at work and home to advance the kingdom of God. There is nothing wrong with making and selling widgets, unless you only do it to make money to buy stuff. You are made for more than producing widgets for spending money. Approach your job as a mission field. See your co-workers as people made in the image of God in need of Christ. See your workplace as a ministry. 

There is nothing more terrifying or sad than someone who wastes their life. You only have one. One! You do not want to wake up one day as an old adult or reach your deathbed and realize you wasted it. You can't recover it at that point. You can't undo it. You have one life, then poof, it's gone. 

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  1. Ellen Bailey is a mutual friend of ours. She works for me in our ministry and speaks continually about how much she loves her church and her pastor. I put a lot of weight in Ellen, so I'm "checking you out."

    I like what you're writing about and anxious to follow you on Twitter.

    I'll be in touch.

    His Alone,

    Jeremiah Bolich