Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday's Four Silly Questions

Our Wednesday tradition continues...

1. Food: Mexican or Chinese food?

2. Alternate Sport: Hockey or Nascar?

3. Your tea: With lemon or without?

4. Sleep Habits: Bundled up or Sprawled out?

Bonus Question: Thermostat: + or - 71 Degrees

MY ANSWERS: Mexican (all-day), Hockey, w/Lemon, Bundled (no skin exposed), definitely 71 or higher


  1. 1. Food: Chinese unless it's more fresh-mex

    2. Alternate Sport: neither but I'd go to Hockey over NAscar

    3. Your tea: With lemon

    4. Sleep Habits: lots of blankets..but only gym type shorts

    Bonus Question: If it wasn't for baby it'd be at 69 or below

  2. 1. Mexican!!
    2. Hockey
    3. W/ lemon
    4. sprawled out w/ lots of blankets
    Bonus: 68 degrees (thats what all the blankets are for!!)


  3. 1. Can't I have both?
    2. Ummm.. Hockey, if it involves watching The Mighty Ducks series.
    3. Without
    4. I tend to do both

    BQ: At night it's around 65... during the day it's about 70.

  4. 1. Mexican (that was really a softball there, Erik!)
    2. Hockey
    3. Without
    4. One big comforter, wrapped up like a burrito.
    Bonus: 60 at night... 75 during the day

  5. 1. Food: Mexican

    2. Alternate Sport: Hockey

    3. Your tea: Without

    4. Sleep Habits: Bundled

    Bonus Question: -

  6. Mexican, Hockey (duhh),lemon, one sheet and one blanket. Bonus--- cold,very cold.

  7. Chineses...the only real food.

    Neither - tossing dynaminte.. is that a sport?



    below 71

  8. 1. Food: Mexican
    2. Alternate Sport: Hockey
    3. Your Tea: without lemon
    4. Sleep Habits: sprawled out, with one leg hanging out of the covers
    Bonus: idealy below 70, but i cope with higher

  9. 1. Food: Mexican

    2. Alternate Sport: Nascar (im almost embarrassed to admit tho)

    3. Your tea: both....doesnt matter

    4. Sleep Habits: bundled up

    Bonus Question: Thermostat: set on 64 all the time

  10. mehecano, if you aint bumping you aint racing, lemon, s p r a w l e d, you could hang meat in my house

  11. 1. I worry that my kids won't know that there is food that is NOT Mexican. We eat it constantly!
    2. Let's go Predators! (Clap, clap, clapclapclap!)Who has time to watch a car drive around in circles for fun?!
    3. Without. Man up and drink it!
    4. SPRAWLED.
    Bonus: I can freeze a brotha out!