Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 Prayer Requests

As a pastor I'm often taking prayer request, but rarely sharing them. The reason I love the social-networking world is that it allows for communication among greater numbers of people during the week than I could ever possibly sit in front of. It also gives me instant communication ability, good or bad, with hundreds and thousands of people. Because of the power of that technology, I want to utilize for my own spiritual growth and encouragement. I need your prayer. There are 3 things that I'm in need of your prayer for.

** in no particular order

Prayer Request #1 - My Health
I have been having back issues from an old Army injury for about 4 months now. The pain has varied throughout this time, but it has been consistent. I'm doing much better lately, thanks to the prayers of others, but would ask for continued prayer. Another big part of my health prayer request is losing some weight. I'm not grossly overweight by any means, but I want to lose about 10lbs at least. I need to do this for several reasons: 1. I don't want to be grossly overweight 2. I think it would help my back 3. I want to feel healthier than what I feel right now. I have lots of little aches and pains (getting older) that I want to ensure are not a lack of exercising. So please pray for me in this area.

Prayer Request #2 - My Prayer Life
I really want to go deeper in my prayer life. I truly want to spend more quality time in God's presence. I don't want to just fill time talking, but I want to cultivate a deeper prayer life than I've ever had. I don't necessarily know how to do this other than pray for it. I would appreciate your joining me in this, as I have many things I'm desiring to hear God clearly on right now in my life and leadership.

Prayer Request #3 - My Heart for the Lost/Unsaved
This last prayer request will hopefully be something that can help be answered by my second prayer request. I want God to help break my heart for the lost and unsaved in our communities. I want to be bothered, even more so, by the numbers of people drifting through life aimlessly without the hope of Christ in their life. I want God to burden my heart so badly that I can't sit idly by and do nothing about it. I challenge you to not only pray this for me, but to add it to your prayer life as well. You cannot divorce being a Christian from being evangelistic.


  1. Cool. Thanks for your honesty. Praying this for you.

  2. Erik,

    Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability in sharing these. I will be praying for you more specifically now.