Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Care or Not to Care, That is the Question

Lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting about the importance of followers of Jesus to be about sharing the gospel message. I know that immediately when I say that it causes anxiety, fear, and worry in some because you seriously doubt your abilities to share the gospel effectively. I too share with you in this personal fear; however, the more I think about this fear, the more I realize how ridiculous it is. I'm really just more concerned with my ego not getting bruised or looking ignorant if they have questions I can't answer. Really and truly my fears are more about me than the people who desperately need to hear the hope of Jesus.

Something that I have come to realize the longer I have been in ministry is that many people believe in the right things, they just don't care about them. We believe in the things, but because we don't care about them we don't act on them. For example: many believe it is important for those who are not Christians to hear the gospel message of Jesus and respond, yet this belief for me is never acted upon because we don't care. Many believe its good to contribute both financially and through service to the church, yet many don't because ultimately they don't care. You will never act on a belief unless you care about it. It is impossible to care about something that you don't believe in, but many of us have learned to believe in things that we don't care about.

So getting back to the issue of reaching out to people. When is the last time you invite someone to church or a small group? How many people in your life are truly unchurched/pre-Christian people? We have a heart issue at hand, myself included. We need to ask God to break our hearts for the things that break His. We need God to disturb us from our complacency so that we wake up and realize that many are living lives of emptiness and attaching meaning to everything but the One thing they need the most. Many will experience the sad words from Jesus at the judgment "depart from me, I never knew you." May these words not be spoken to them simply because I feared to open my mouth. Lord, help me to care more.


  1. Yesterday, I was encouraging a young lady that I have known for years but actually have not seen for nearly a year it seems. She had not be attending a local fellowship due to medical problems. So, I encouraged her to come out to the Journey...Gave a short deal on the current series...but what was unique was watching the interest of a young man and his son who were intently watching.and LISTENING !...hmmm the side line invitation.. you never know who is listening.

  2. The love of Christ and what he has done for us is the best, most effective thing we can share with others. As far as getting Christians to care can be difficult. We can preach to them every week about the love of Jesus and the relationship he offers, as the Journey does so effectively. Yet their level of concern may not rise and your back at square one. Sometimes as adults the rewards are not motivating enough for us. I think sometimes we need to be reminded of the negative CONSEQUENCES. In this case the eternal consequences. And as Church leaders or evangelist it can seem harsh or even threatening to our church/people to share this truth. Maybe people would care more about their neighbor if they truly believed or took into consideration the indescribable torment they are going to face if they don't except Jesus as Lord and Savior.(plain and simple) Maybe they would care more if they knew that their friends and family who are far from God would be separated not only them but from God for eternity, and not just separated but in HELL! Jesus spoke very clear of this and was not hesitant to do so. Neither should we when it comes to this subject. I'm not saying striking fear into people is the best approach, this is a two sided coin. The fact is there Day and night, (Colts and Patriots jk) good and evil, and ultimately HEAVEN and HELL. People have to believe both. Maybe that would strike a fire under those who don't care, no pun intended.

  3. As I read your post I questoned myself on whether or not I am as sold out for his cause as He is sold out for me. The answer honestly is a resounding NO! I personally have to do a much better job of caring about the business of the Father and thats reaching out to those who need it most, because that is who God's heart beat is for. He leaves the 99 to find the one, and we have to be willing to be the 1 he sends. I have to care more! I have to do more!