Friday, July 1, 2011

Homosexuality and Christianity

Homosexuality and Christianity. Can these two words go together? This issue is a hot-button topic. As Christians, we are being bombarded as to how we are to receive homosexuality as an acceptable choice for people to make. We are told that we should not speak against it. We are made to feel that if we disagree with this view that we are the ones who are weird and from another world. I have preached a sermon on this topic and shared my views on this subject. I will probably do another one in the near future. For now, I want to offer a great read from Al Mohler in the Wall Street Journal about this topic.

Al Mohler Article in the Wall Street Journal

I would love for you to comment here your thoughts on the article and this subject. Please be respectable in your comments, showing Christlike character, regardless of what side of this issue you land on.

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  1. I think we as the church have done a poor job of loving the homosexual community. However coming out of that lifestyle I do know that there is complete freedom from that lifestyle. We as the body do not nees to condone this but we do need to get with the spirit of God and lovingly show kindness. In the same way the Lords kindness led us to repentance than our love and kindness should welcome all types of sinners to the church. People did it with me so I know it is available to all. We need to repent of being judgemental and critical and allow the Lords mercy and love to saturate us so we overflow toward this group of people. The world should know us by our fruit. They should feel welcomed because of our actions and overwhelming love. I will always know living homosexual is wrong. Ive come out of thaf way of life and true freedom is totally available only in Jesus.