Friday, June 3, 2011

Collecting Experiences Instead of Stuff

Our family vacation is coming to a close, but it has been such a great time. This was the first trip to Disney for our children and they have had such a great time. As a parent, my desires on these trips have changed. When I was younger it was all about the rides and the fun I was having. The only thing I care about now is how this experience is for my family.

Even now as an adult, the most memorable moments that have lasted with me from childhood involve experiences. I remember going fly-fishing and camping at Centerhill. I remember family trips to Panama City Beach. I remember trips to Gatlinburg/Pigeonforge. I even remember specific events and instances from these trips. These moments have lasted with me while most of the stuff from my childhood has long disappeared.

Taking time to reflect on this has shown me very clearly that what matters most for me as a husband and father is to create experiences for my family. It matters more for me to create moments that live forever in their minds than it does for me to buy them stuff. Stuff will eventually be tossed in the trash, but memories that matter will stay forever.

What childhood memories do you still have? What type of experiences do you believe are the most lasting? What recent experiences/moments have you created lately for your family?

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