Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Incarnation

This Sunday at the Journey I'm going to be unpacking one of the greatest, most under-appreciated realities of the Christian faith: the Incarnation. Without the Incarnation there is no cross of Calvary. Without the Incarnation, there is no atonement, no resurrection, and no significance to the person of Jesus. The Incarnation marks an amazing period in the history of man, God becomes flesh.

I don't want to go to much into detail about the Incarnation here on the blog because I still want you to come to church :-) but I think this is a misunderstood and rarely celebrated points in our faith. There is a beautiful reminder laced right in the middle of it: the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. Why? To save us. To rescue us. To redeem us. To pull us from the dominion of darkness and to bring us into the glorious light of his Kingdom. The Incarnation is a like a Navy Seal parachuting into a war zone to go in and win the victory. The Word became flesh, he parachuted in to rescue us. This should elicit a response of praise and worship.

This Christmas season, be slow to make it about all the other things: trees, lights, Santa, gifts, food, family, programs, shows, etc. and be quick to make it centrally about the radical, saving actions of the God who rescues and became flesh to do it.

What are your biggest questions or confusions about the Incarnation?


  1. Can't wait to have you back - we've loved Ryan, Bode and John also but miss you. Can't wait to hear what God has laid on your heart.

  2. I think in general this is something that is hard to really help people understand or even understand ourselves.

    I think alot of times this is where a break down can happen when people are questioning the Christian faith, it's a moment that seems so hard to explain what all it encompasses and why it had to happen the way it did.

    So interested to see how you break it down for us!

  3. I think the coolest part of the Incarnation is the science of the blood.
    I know the devil understands the importance of a virgin birth! First he tried to discredit Jesus with his own by insinuating he was a bastard.That Jesus' mother was somehow a loose woman who got pregnant by either Joseph or someone else.
    Then Satan tried the distraction method.He dangled santa and his elves,presents...rituals not necessarily bad, but nonetheless distracting.
    Now he uses the whole political correctness method. We don't even say Merry Christmas or put out the traditional nativity scene or sing any songs that sound even a bit religious. Nope, we say happy holiday and display festival lights.
    Think about this. There's Kwanzaa,Ramadan,and Hanukkah...but the attack is on Christmas.Why? Because that story has the truth about who Jesus IS and why He came.
    You're right. If it wasn't for the all important incarnation of Christ, Jesus would have been a good man who died 2000 years ago,and that would be the End!