Monday, September 23, 2013

Homosexuality & Abortion

At The Journey Church, we have been teaching through a series called Counter-Culture: Living for Christ in a world that hates Him. It is a five week series, and we complete the last message this coming Sunday. 

The first week we spent time establishing the reality that everyone has a worldview and an ultimate authority. We talked about the different worldviews and authorities that exist, and outlined how and why Christians look to the Bible to inform and shape our worldview.
The second message focused on the accusation and charge against Christians of being judgmental and intolerant. We looked at what the Bible says about this and explored how we as Christians can be both vocal about truth and graceful in our approach. 

Our third and fourth messages in the series have been by far the most difficult and the most important. We have looked at the issues of homosexuality and abortion, two of the most controversial topics in our society today. We believe Christians need to know how to speak into our culture the gospel of truth on this subjects, but we believe there is a way in which we should do it. 

These two messages are some of the most important messages we have preached out our church and we would be pleased if they can serve to help you too. 

Here is the link for Week 3's message: Homosexuality and Christian Belief

Here is the link for Week 4's message: Abortion and Christian Belief

May God use these messages to sound the trumpet of truth in our world, equip the saints for engaging our culture, and display the triumphant grace and mercy of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Which of these messages have been most helpful to you? Why do you believe churches remain largely silent on these topics?

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