Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Illogical Logic of Abortion

We have all been gripped the last several days by the news of the women and young child held captive in Cleveland, Ohio for the last decade. Ariel Castro, the perpetrator whose guilty of this heinous act, went beyond kidnapping on his ten year depraved joy ride. Castro reportedly raped these women at will, and forcefully aborted the babies in the wombs that he filled.

However, the irony of watching the news channels talk about this story, is that no focus is on these aborted children. Michelle Knight, one of the young women abducted, had at least five pregnancies aborted as a result of this barbaric act. This is a travesty. There are more than three victims in this story, there are at least eight victims, if not many more. Yet, when the news channels discuss and report what has happened, we do not hear the babies aborted referred to as victims. In fact, when Castro was charged, the charge of murder was missing from his rap sheet.

Here is my question: Why is the media, politicians, and advocacy groups not protesting that little to no focus is on these babies as victims in this crime, and why is Mr. Castro not being charged with their murder? 

There is only one answer: political reasons. For political purposes, the media is not focusing on the babies as victims. They are not outraged that Castro was not charged with their murder. Why not? Because they know that while the babies are victims and Castro is guilty of murder, if they say so, they will then face the question of why every abortion does not fall into this category. That is why! The illogical logic of abortion will quickly be exposed if they acknowledge what has happened in Cleveland, OH is a crime and the babies are victims. 

What is the difference between what happened in the dark corners of a basement in Cleveland and what happens in clinics on your local street corners? Some will say, "well, it is different because women who go to clinics WANT to have an abortion. These women in Cleveland DID NOT WANT an abortion. That is what makes it different." But this logic is terrible. We are saying, if you don't want your baby, it's legal to kill it and it's NOT murder? But if you want your baby, and someone else causes its death, then IT IS murder? Really? That is what marks the difference between a child living or dying these days, whether we want it or do not want it?

I am distraught over the mass genocide of babies in the womb. They cannot voice their rights. Someone has to stand up for them. Are we willing to quit standing in silence, afraid of the shame and ridicule? As a father of two, with one in my wife's womb now, I am disgusted that we have become a nation and culture that is okay with aborting unwanted humans. It reminds me of the German citizens in Nazi Germany, who sat by as millions of Jews were slaughtered around them. They may have been against it, but they did nothing to stop it. Is that what we have become?

Lord, have mercy on us.

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