Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yearly Spiritual Diagnostic

In life it is good to do annual checkups. We should do them for our physical health. We should do them for your vehicles and homes. We should also do them for our spiritual health. An annual checkup on how you are doing spiritually is vital to ensure you are growing and progressing in your walk with Christ.

In my small group and with other leaders in the church, I'm giving them a spiritual diagnostic tool for them to gauge where they are in their walk right now. When it comes to spiritual growth, you are either progressing or regressing, there is no standing still. So how are you doing spiritually? Are you further in your walk with God right now than you were a year ago? Since we celebrated Easter this past Sunday and the new life we can have in Christ, let's use this as a chance to gauge how that new life is coming along. Take time to prayerfully answer the following questions:

1. What kind of time are you spending in God's Word each week?
none barely any regular daily

2. What kind of time are you spending in prayer each week?

none barely any regular daily

3. How frequently are you sharing your faith and/or inviting people to church?

never rarely sometimes all the time

4. How generous are you with your time, talents, and treasure for God's Kingdom?

none very little fairly good very generous

5. When you evaluate your walk with God over the past year, how would you rate it?

neglected lazy good, but needs improvement strong

6. What actions do you need to take to strengthen your walk with God?

So how are you doing?

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